why you need to keep a good wig on deckWhy You Need To Keep A Good Wig On Deck

I’ve worn and talked about wearing weave with my short hair, before. And although I come across as anti-long hair a lot of times, I’m not. I’ve grown and worn my own hair long before and truth be told, there are times when I sometimes long for locks that touch my shoulders or my back.

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Those moments are usually fleeting and I let them come and go in peace. I don’t bother them and they don’t bother me. If the itch gets especially bothersome, I may pull off a short hairstyle that calls for a little added length in certain areas. I did it with the Fantasia inspired curly do in the video below.

Other than those unmentioned inklings and spruced up pixies, I don’t mess with a whole lotta weave. Or wigs, for that matter. But every now and then I get the urge to have me some Instagram thot length hair. When I can’t shake that feeling, I get me a wig and I wear it until my soul feels satisfied.

Then, I very uneventfully go back to representing out here in these short hair streets. I’m writing this as the urge is climbing up my spinal cord for such a wig wearing session. So stayed tuned, I might be up to something. Until then, let’s talk about how you can incorporate wigs into your styling rotation.

Why You Need To Keep A Good Wig On Deck


There are days when I simply don’t feel like it. It can be anything from putting on a full face of makeup to … life. Yeah, life. The whole damn thing. I might just not feel like it that day. If hair falls into the category of things I don’t feel like on a particular day when the world still requires my physical presence outside my bed, a wig can definitely come in handy.

You throw the thing on, secure it, get your edges together and BAM! You can look all kinds of fake put together in no time flat. It’s a good thing to have. It’s a good thing to have, ladies.

Prevent Boredom

Short hair is amazing, but a pixie cut can get boring. Anything you do repeatedly can get boring. It’s not to say that short hair itself is boring, or that it’s not versatile enough to keep you engaged, because it is. I have over 100 videos on my YouTube channel, so trust, there are lots of hairstyles you can pull off with short relaxed hair.

But, change is good and change is needed. A wig offers change for the short haired woman. You may want a different look or maybe you just really want to wear a ponytail. There’s nothing wrong with the desire for hairstyles that short cuts don’t allow for. Grab you a wig, style it, dye it, cut it and do anything else to it you’d like. Then pop it on your head and live your life the way you want to. Enjoy it.


This DIY life is real and sometimes it gets too real. Mishaps to occur. I have butchered a haircut on myself many times. I have also damaged my hair to a point where it could not be salvaged. In between those times, I’ve had smaller, less noticeable mishaps that I still felt I wanted to cover up.

When I’ve damaged my hair beyond repair, I usually just shave my head and start over. Hell, it’s just hair. But there are times when that is not practical or not appropriate for a number of different reasons. During those times, I have had to call on the gods of wigs and weaves to pull through.

If you are new to DIY short hair or if you’re a seasoned pro, you will probably make some hair mistakes. When those mistakes need to be covered up, you will be glad if you have a stash of fake hair in the closet that you can use to kill time until your hair gets back right.

Those are just a couple reasons why you need to keep a good wig on deck if you have short hair. I hope this eases some of the anxiety that’s sometimes attached to wearing wigs or weaves when you rock a pixie. At the end of the day, it’s just hair and you can rock it how you like. Don’t be scared.

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Until next time…I’ll holla.