weave and short hairShort hair is ALL THAT! Don’t get me wrong. But just like anything else, it can become mundane and boring. So what do you do when that happens?

I do one of two things. Dye or Weave! Datsit. There is nothing wrong with weave and plenty of women who are killing the pixie game are wearing weave and short hair.

If you take a look at Fantasia’s Instagram page, you will see her wearing styles that are sometimes thicker and fuller at the top and then sometimes thinner and sleeker. She’s no exception, lots of women who have short cuts like to play around with the versatility weave can bring into your life. And she’s able to switch up her look between full and sleek because she’s strategically using weave and short hair to keep things poppin.

I have done styles where I’ve added tracks to my hair and I loved the results. One style in particular was one that I took straight from Fantasia’s picture that was posted all over the net. It was bomb and I wanted the style, but had I waited the year it would have taken for me to grow the front of my hair to the length the style called for …chile, we’d still be waiting. Ain’t nobody got time.

So I grabbed the hair glue, a couple tracks, some close up photos and I got to work recreating the style at home. It was great. You can see how I did it in this video: CURLY SUMMER HAIR 2016

Another great reason to play around with weaves and short hair, is that you can add color to your look without having to tear your hair up with bleach. I love to add funky colors to my hair. I’ve had green, blue, blonde and burgundy in my head. I recently considered jumping onto the gray trend too, but for some reason, lately I’ve been super tied to my jet black. It’s a color that always works on short hair and when I dye my hair, it’s my go-to. (watch how I get my jet black color)

That being the case, I have had my share of ups and downs with color and this here relaxer I have in my hair. Let’s just say that there have definitely been some #fails along the way with me, hair dye and my pixie cut.

I now know better. I understand my hair and how it works with lifting and bleaching and I also now know the limits of what my hair can and cannot take when it comes to color application.

YouTube is BAE #2, falling second only to Mizani who is BAE ALL DAY! And it was on YouTube that I found Malinda Williams’ channel before I started doing short hair on my own YouTube channel. She has long since been killing the short hair game. She’s a pixie cut OG. She has a great video where she adds a few very cute highlights to her short cut by throwing in a couple tracks. (Check out her video below).

It’s a great tutorial overall, and recreating that look is super practical. I may be adding a little color to my mix soon and I’ll probably use weave to do so. If I do it, I’ll film it for you guys.

I hope this gives you guys some ideas on how you can quickly and easily work some weave into your short hairstyles for a bit of added flavor.

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