too soon to touch up relaxerHow soon is too soon to touch up your relaxer? Well…I am a complete DIY’er. When it comes to my short hair, I do everything at home. From coloring to cutting, I do it all. But I also understand that everything ain’t for everybody, but if you too want to take the reins and learn to do all there is to this short hair game at the house, then you will have to conquer the relaxer application.

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Many people and professionals speak against applying relaxer to your hair at home, but I beg to differ. The fact that you can pick up a box perm at your local beauty supply store tells me that the industry, as a whole, doesn’t think you’re incapable.

Now, don’t mistake my bravado with stupidity. If you aren’t good at following directions, or if you don’t feel confident enough to do it, please go to a professional to have your relaxer applied. But, for the rest of you, let’s look at a commonly asked question when it comes to relaxing short hair.

How soon is too soon to touch up your relaxer?

The standard answer to this question is 6 to 8 weeks. That amount of time will apply to the general population of women who are relaxing their hair. Hair grows approximately ½ and inch a month. A month is made up of 4 weeks. By looking at it this way, it’s easy to see that you should have enough new growth to safely relax your hair without overlapping product, in 6 to 8 weeks.

This standard works and it’s an excellent go-by. However, as with most generalized rules, there are variations and exceptions.

Your personal needs will come into play here. Evaluate what you need as far as your hair styles and your hair texture. Do you need your hair to be absolutely laid at all times? Do you have no room for error in terms of how you present on a physical level? Your job, lifestyle and personal preference should all come into play when you’re answering this question.

The next factor to consider is your hair. Do you have course hair?  Fine hair? Dense hair? Low porosity hair? Damaged hair? Strong hair? Weak hair? The questions could go on forever.

Take my hair for example, my hair is low porosity and very dense. It can take a beating. That beating could be high heat, high manipulation, double chemical processing or relaxing every 4 weeks. That’s my hair. I’ve learned through trial and error what my hair’s limitations are. You should do the same.

I relax my hair about every 4 weeks using Mizani Butter Blend, but I don’t leave the relaxer on long at all and I am very careful to stay on the new growth with my application.

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This is one of those questions with the kind of answer we all hate. How soon is too soon to touch up a relaxer? It depends. Examine your hair, consult with a professional and try different time frames to come up with what works perfectly for you.

Relaxing your hair is a chemical process. Keep that in mind. You don’t want to approach it haphazardly and without care and caution. You can burn your hair off your scalp and you can damage your hair beyond repair. Beware.

For some references, check out the videos below where I show you how I apply a partial relaxer and a full head of relaxer on my short pixie cut.

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Until next time…I’ll holla.