things you didn't know about 3 common short hair productsThings you didn’t know about 3 common short hair products.  How many times do you walk into your favorite beauty supply store, stroll down the familiar aisles, pick up what you need, pay and leave? Probably more than you could remember. We’ve all done it. The sad part of that scenario is that a lot of the products you so regularly purchase, are probably not what you think they are.

Much of what we end up buying is the result of marketing. Marketing can take the cold hard facts and make them palatable to the consumer. This is a normal thing and it’s not anything to be alarmed about. But, what you should do, is take a little time to find the information you need to ensure that what you put in your cart and pay for, is actually what you intend to take home with you.

This is even more important for the DIY’er. If you want to take control of your hair care and your hairstyling, then you need to be educated about what you’re using on your hair. That leads me to talk about a couple things that will get your inquisitive juices flowing.


1. Argan oil ain’t really argan oil

Here’s the deal, there are brands that ‘market’ argan oil as a product, when in fact, what they’re selling you is a synthetic version of pure argan oil. There are also some products labeled argan oil which have a very small amount of true argan oil mixed with other fillers. The fillers can be fragrances, other oils and a whole host of things.

Authentic argan oil is super expensive, so if you bought a 3 oz bottle for $9.99, they got you. That’s likely a serum with additives that have come to associated with real argan oil. Things like that distinctive fragrance that we all think is argan oil.  That scent can be replicated in a lab.

Argan oil has become a catch phrase and many times consumers see it and go wild because they assume they’re getting the real thing. Argan oil does have amazing benefits when used, so this isn’t to deter you from buying it. Just read the ingredients to make sure you’re getting what you want to be getting. Don’t pay a high price for a bottle of aroma and don’t pay a low price thinking you’re putting amazingness on your hair when really it’s just a cheap glosser.

2. Glossers only gloss

Speaking of glossers. Understand this, nothing moisturizes your hair except a moisturizer. What is a moisturizer? Water and virgin oils. There are products designed to moisturize the hair and those products are made up of water and or oils that penetrate the hair. There are a few caveats to this, but this generally holds true.

That being said, glossers, oil sheens and other reflection adding products can only make the hair appear moisturized. These products sit on top of the hair and reflect light. This creates an illusion.

Just know that you can have a head full of raggedy, unhealthy and damaged hair and with the right flat iron, a gifted stylist and the right amount of glosser, you can have folks out in these short hair streets really believing you have a healthy and thriving head of hair.

Don’t be no fool. Glosser have their place, but keep them in it, please.

3. Coconut oil & virgin Coconut Oil Are DIFFERENT

Tell the truth, have you been cheap and bought regular coconut oil instead of virgin coconut oil? I know I have. I did it before I understood the differences. The price difference translates into performance difference when it comes to your hair.

I pre poo with coconut oil and I moisturize my hair with coconut oil. I use it for shine and a bunch of other stuff. It wasn’t until I compared the two that I realized there really was a noticeable difference.


Non virgin coconut oil is often bleached, deodorized and high heats are used to do this. Additives are also added to prolong the shelf life of the oil. On the other end of the spectrum is virgin coconut oil which is extracted without the use of heat. Virgin coconut oil is also not deodorized and is usually free of additives that reduce the beneficial properties of the oil.

You can choose either oil, just know which one you’re buying and why there is a price difference. The process of extracting virgin coconut oil is more expensive, hence the heftier price tag when you come across it on the shelves.

Make an informed choice and take how what you intend to take how.

I hope this was a little bit of an eye opener. It’s not always easy to navigate through marketing ploys, packaging and uninformed sales associates.

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