short hair right for your lifestyleIs short hair right for your lifestyle? Short hair is like all else in the world we live in. There are pros and cons. Ups and downs. It comes with a lot of positives. I talk about them in nearly every blog post. But, short hair also has some down sides. Whether those positives outweigh the negatives, is something you have to work through for yourself.

Things that are specific to you and your situation will move the needle in one direction or the other. A blanket suggestion that short hair is for everybody, is simply not true. A large part of what will determine if short hair is for your or not, is your lifestyle.

Whether you’ve given it a try and have come to a place of contemplation, or whether you’re currently working with long hair that you’re thinking of cutting short, read through the topics below. They will help you come to a decision that’s based on practicality rather than any other factors. And at the end of the day, it’s just hair. You can regrow it or cut it off again. Who cares? It’s your choice.

Is short hair right for your lifestyle?

Things to ask yourself —


Let’s be real here, if you work as a gardener, short relaxed hair probably is not for you. Being outside in the elements, sweating, being exposed to dirt and critters all day, is going to make it very hard to maintain short, relaxed hair.

That being the case, you do want to consider your line of work even if it isn’t something extreme like gardening. Relaxed hair requires a certain level of maintenance and attention for it to remain healthy and look nice. Jobs that don’t allow for what’s required, may mean you should consider other styles.

Are you in an industry where short hair is frowned upon? Do you hold a position in a traditional setting where women are expected to have long hair or to only wear certain types of hairstyles to conform?

Trying to buck and go short may cost you more than it’s worth.


On a weekly basis, I get the questions about maintaining short relaxed hair while working out regularly. Truthfully, I don’t have a valid answer for them. I don’t work out hard or regularly and when I do work out, I don’t sweat a lot.

If you are a gym rat, and your hair is relaxed AND short – really think about that. Sweating means washing. You have to wash and cleanse your hair to get the sweat out of your hair. You don’t want smelly hair. You don’t want hair that has dried and is now flat and limp. So be realistic. Natural hair is a great option for women who work out regularly.

Maintaining natural curls and coils is easier than relaxed hair when it comes to how frequently you can wet or wash your hair and what you can do with it (in terms of styling) while it’s still wet.


As much as we’ve yelled from the mountain top that looks don’t matter – THEY DO! I’m sorry, but you do want to take into consideration some things that are strictly aesthetic. Listen, if you have worn long hair all your life and it’s beautiful on you, then you get a pixie cut and realize that your ears rival Dumbo’s and your head is shaped like a water bottle, this short hair life may not be for you.

Some women simply look better with longer hair than they do with shorter hair. If that is you, it’s no harm, no foul. Long hair can be equally beautiful. Just do your thing.

Don’t confuse this with the fact that someone else may look better than you with short hair. That’s an opinion and that is based on comparison. Don’t compare yourself to anyone but yourself. How do you look with short hair? If you look and feel good with your hair short, then cut it and keep it cut. It may just be a matter of finding the right short hairstyle. Check out The Short Hair Bedside Bible for some style suggestions and step by step guides on how to achieve them.

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Short hair isn’t for everybody. Be realistic and make a decision that suits you in more ways that just one. For more insight on practical things to consider before you cut your hair, watch my video below of 4 Things To Consider Before You Cut Your Hair Short.

Everyone has their reasons for why they wear their hair the way they do, and you are certainly entitled to yours.

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