short hair problemsShort Hair Problems – What to do when you  miss your long hair?

In cliques, so many times, the people who are a part of the clique hold some truths close to their hearts.  It’s usually things that are seen as negative, which end up being withheld from the general public. Short hair is no different. There are the members of the short hair mafia who swear by their pixie cuts. They love every aspect of wearing, styling and having short hair. I am one of those women. I love my short hair. However, the truth of any matter always involves pros and cons.

Before I had short hair, I had long hair. Duh! For almost 5 years I was natural and I grew my hair out completely. I have also worn weaves and braids that were booty length, and I enjoyed every minute of it.  Short hair has always been me. It’s been my go to since I shaved my head and dyed my hair blonde at 19. Yikes! It’s part of the reason I have so many short hair styles mastered. I’ve been living with short hair forever (*in my CardiB voice*)  So no matter what I do, I always seem to find my way back home to my short hair. In reality, I’ve worn my hair short for the majority of my adult life.

I say all that to say that there will be times when you miss the old you. When you miss slinging your hair from side to side or tucking it behind your ear. Long hair has its place and at times, I want its place to be on my head. So there, the cat is out of the proverbial bag.

What do I do when I miss my long hair? I go get me some long hair. The feeling is usually temporary. I’ve come to learn that about myself. So in order to keep the universe at peace, I just go out and scratch that small itch, get over it and get myself back to reality sooner rather than later. Growing my hair long is not even an option.  The patience and commitment that takes is not something I have. That is how I know any desire for length is a fleeting one.

Weaves, wigs, quick weaves and braids are all options that work for me when I have the craving for long hair. They are temporary fixes that, if done correctly, cause no damage to your short hair underneath.  They are also great for when you want to give yourself a break for frequent styling of your own hair.

So the answer to what to do when you miss your long hair is simply – GO GET YOU SOME HAIR! No harm, no foul and you will be back to your cute pixie-d self in no time.

Do you ever miss your long hair?  If so, what do you do to get past that hump?