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Short Hair Bedside Bible eBook


Inside The Short Hair Bedside Bible you will find a step-by-step guide teaching you how to prepare your hair for each of the 4 styles featured. In addition to preparing your hair, you will also have access to the video tutorial showing you how to achieve each style. Also included, are instructions on how to preserve each style over night, as well as a go-to-guide on how to refresh the styles for several additional days. These steps will teach you how to lengthen the life of your short hairstyles.

  • Stretch Your Styles Over Several Days
  • Refresh Your Styles With Little to No Heat
  • Enjoy Fuss-Free Short Hair

They Classic Pixie, The Messy Pixie, The Sleek Pixie & The Spiked Pixie are all included within the eBook. These are basic styles that every short hair wearer can achieve and enjoy.

You can rest easy knowing you can confidently refresh your short hairstyle and quickly get out the door without the worry of having to start from scratch and re-do an entire style. When you follow the steps in The Short Hair Bedside Bible, you will visit your stylist less frequently and both your hair & your bank account will thank you.

This book is designed to be an easy quick reference that you can use for years on end.


Product Description

Lengthen the life of your short hairstyles by learning how to prep your hair, preserve it over night and refresh it in the morning.


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