ruining your short hair3 Ways you’re ruining your short hair. Lots of times people make the mistake of approaching short hair in a different way than they would approach long hair. Short relaxed hair is still hair. It’s only differentiating factor from long relaxed hair is its length.

That means you have to treat it the same way you would treat any other length hair. If you want to maintain a head of healthy short relaxed hair, then you have to pay attention to what you’re doing to it and how you care for it. Short hair doesn’t necessarily mean care-free.

Moisturizing, minimizing the effects of heat, over processing and poor scalp health are all problems that plaque the short haired girl. At the end of the day, it’s all the same science. Your short hair will not perform optimally if it’s not being taken care of.

Poor hair health will mean that you won’t be able to achieve certain styles, and if you do, the styles won’t last or look good. Your hair will also frizz up, dry out and break off. There’s not much worse than a head of short raggedy hair.

Take care of your hair with the intention to get it healthy FIRST, then work of perfecting hair styles. If you skip out on the first part, you will find that you’re ruining your hair without even knowing it. Below are some common mistakes ladies tend to make. These are very common when women take to caring for their short hair at home.



Not moisturizing your hair is one of the best ways to ensure it looks like a mango seed and not like Nia Long. Dry hair becomes brittle and loses its ability to stretch without breaking. Even though your strands are short, you want your hair to maintain its elasticity so that the styles you create have movement.

Styles that are curly are especially prone to looking a hot mess on dry hair. Hair that isn’t properly moisturized is also susceptible to heat damage. Moisture acts as a barrier between the heat and the hair’s inner layers.

Be careful not to neglect your short hair in this way. If your hair lacks moisture, try working in a daily moisturizing step. You can moisturize in the morning or at night. Be careful not to over moisturize, though, as this can cause your hair to become weighed down.

Add a dime sized amount of the oil of your choice to your palms and gently work it through your hair. While doing this, focus on your ends. Remember, if your hair is over processed or otherwise damaged, adding oil alone will not fix those problems. You may add oil to your hair daily and still not see improvement. That is an indicator that something else is going on with your hair.



I recently wrote about the importance of scalp health when you wear your hair short. You can check out that post below.

Your hair grows from your scalp. That means your scalp is the first place where your hair can be neglected. The scalp is like the soil of a garden. For your fruit or your hair to grown, you want the soil to have all that it needs to maintain itself.

Your scalp needs to be clear of buildup and it needs moisture. This will allow the hair strands to easily sprout up from the follicle. This is what you want for fuller and stronger strands.

Things like dry or flaky scalp can cake up on the surface of your scalp and can clog the follicles, causes other issues. Moisture can help with this as long as there aren’t other issues at play.

Try warming up a little coconut oil and using an applicator bottle, gently apply some coconut oil to your scalp while it’s warm. This will sooth your scalp and provided some needed moisture.



Heat is the devil. We know that. It’s been clearly established. The thing is, you can dance with the devil. You just gotta know when to grab your stuff and go home. Don’t stay too long.

Misuse of heat on short hair is soooo common. Because we style our hair frequently, we’re prone to using too much heat. With short hair, it looks best when it’s styled. This doesn’t mean that you can’t use heat sparingly. You can. There are plenty of heat free or low heat styles.

Over use of heat will lead to breakage. Heat can break the hair down and damage it in the same way that chemical processing can. Heat can break down those bonds that make up the hair. When those bonds are broken, you cannot repair them. You can use products that mimic proper bonds, but the reality is that once it’s done, it’s done.

To avoid heat damage, you want to limit the frequency of your heat styles as well as limiting the amount of heat you use when you do style your hair using a heat tool. If your hair is low porosity, and not damaged, it can likely take higher temperature heat than high porosity hair. To better understand hair porosity, read the article below where I explain it in more depth.

So, use the lowest temperature you can to achieve the style you desire; heat style less frequently; and take advantage of no heat styles as much as you can.


These are the 3 ways you’re ruining your short hair and how you can combat these common mistakes. Always remember that healthy hair performs the best. It looks the best and it will yield the best results. When you are a short, relaxed hair DIY’er, you want a heavy focus on the health of your hair.

If you want an outline of how to develop a monthly short hair routine, you can download this FREE resource. A monthly short hair routine will enable you to point out what is and what is not working for your hair. This will show you how to improve your at home hair routine. It will also teach you how to focus on any weak points in your regimen and strengthen them.

I hope this was helpful. If you have any questions or comments, leave them below and I will get back to you. Until next time…I’ll holla.