quick and easy no heat short hairstylesQuick and easy no heat short hair styles. We know how damaging heat can be when used in excess. Even with short hair, too much heat can be the death of your hair’s health.

To combat this common problem, you can mix in no heat styles that will give your hair a break from the rigors of flat irons and curling irons. Don’t worry, these styles still provide all the sass you need to feel like a million bucks when you walk out of the house. No compromising on style, just on heat.



I feel like this is honestly my go to style and I wear it so much sometimes that when I do curl my hair, people literally react as if they didn’t know I had hair.

For this one, you only need some amazing wrapping foam, a rat tail comb, sturdy wrapping strips and a hot hooded dryer. I have links to these products below.

Nairobi Wrapp It Foam

Jr. Wrap It Strips

Gold N Hot Hooded Dryer

Wash, dry and deep condition your hair. Yes, DEEP CONDITION it. Don’t be lazy. You want your hair in the best possible condition so that it behaves the way you need it to.

Decide where you want your part, part your hair off while it’s still wet, apply your foam and use the rat tail comb to smooth everything down. Tie it up and get ready to melt under the hooded dryer for 30-45 minutes.

For more details on how to create this style and other popular pixie styles, download my eBook The Short Hair Bedside Bible.

Below is a video of me creating the sleek pixie style.


Yes, it’s possible. You’ll need some kinky braiding hair or Marley hair. Also grab a tub of ECO styler gel, some rubber bands and hair pins.

This is best explained visually, so check out the video below where I walk you through it.


This one is as old school as they come. This is literally just the sleek pixie that you comb out with a rake comb. The rake comb creates a feathered look on the longer parts of your hair.

Follow the same steps listed above for the sleek pixie, then take a quarter sized amount of coconut oil and distribute it throughout your hair. Once the mold is broken, take a wide tooth comb or a legit rake comb and comb through the longest parts of your hair (like the top).

Then go back in with a product designed to add gloss. You can use a finishing spray for a light hold too. I’ve listed the products I use for this style as well as a video on this look.

Design Essentials Reflections Liquid

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Until next time…I’ll holla!