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Understanding Density, Thickness and Porosity | December 28, 2016

Understanding density, thickness and porosity. When I was natural, I learned more hair terms and acronyms than I will ever have [...]

Is Short Hair Right For Your Lifestyle | December 28, 2016

Is short hair right for your lifestyle? Short hair is like all else in the world we live in. There [...]

How Soon Is Too Soon To Touch Up Your relaxer? | December 27, 2016

How soon is too soon to touch up your relaxer? Well...I am a complete DIY’er. When it comes to my [...]

3 Easy New Year’s Eve Short Hairstyles | December 27, 2016

Ready for an easy New Year's Eve short hairstyle anyone can pull off?  Ok y’all! We’ve made it through Thanksgiving [...]

How To Color Relaxed Hair | December 20, 2016

There are things embedded in our minds when it comes to hair. Most of the time, we don’t even know [...]

Trimming Short Hair At Home | December 12, 2016

Keeping short hair shaped and in line is an ongoing thing. It’s like vacuuming, dusting and making your bed. No [...]

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