easy new year's eve hairstyleReady for an easy New Year’s Eve short hairstyle anyone can pull off?  Ok y’all! We’ve made it through Thanksgiving and Christmas. Now it’s time to get ready for the final holiday celebration of the season. New Year’s Eve! New Year’s Eve is the most glamorous of all the holidays. So, get ready to represent out here in these short hair streets with these 3 easy short hairstyles.

Thanksgiving and Christmas are laid back holidays. The focus is on food and family when it comes to those two. But NYE is more of a celebratory occasion. Folks dress up and go out and attend formal parties. The hair, dresses and makeup are on red carpet level when it comes to NYE.

Today we’re going to get into 3 easy New Year’s Eve short hairstyles that anybody can pull off. You need options and that’s what I’m here to deliver. The 3 styles below work on short cuts of all lengths and they don’t take a ton of time to achieve.

Remember, you want to look good. When you look good, you feel even better. Feeling and looking good as you head out to bid farewell to 2016 and hello to 2017 is going to make your night even more magical that it already will be.

Easy New Year’s Eve Short Hairstyle 1 – Wind-Blown and Wild

This style is achieved by wet molding your sides and blow drying the top part of your hair. The top tends to have more length so this style will lessen the amount of time you need to spend under the dyer.

Wet mold your sides with Nairobi Wrapp It Foam and blow dry the top without adding product, but making sure to add moisture to the section you blow dry. For moisture, you can use coconut oil, Aveda Brilliant, Kera Care Crème Press or olive oil. Don’t overdo it with product because you want the hair to move. You can watch either of the videos below to see how I dry mold my hair.

Once you have the top blown out and the sides are molded, take a large flat iron on large curling iron and bump the ends of the top of your hair. Once you have a slight curl in that section, use a pomade or molding clay like Aveda Control Paste to run your fingers through the section and direct the curls.

When you have the look you want, set it with a moldable hair spray like Sebastian Shaper.

Easy New Year’s Eve Short Hairstyle 2  – Slick Back

This style is so perfect for the occasion. You want to start with a precise wet mold. Part your hair on your preferred side and mold your hair with Nairobi Wrapp It Foam and a small tooth comb. You want the mold as flat and sleek as you can get it. For a detailed description on how to do this, download How To Wrap Short Hair and follow the steps.

Once the hair is dry, add coconut oil or a moisturizer you like and then spray a glosser on top of that. With a light hand, gently comb the mold to break it, using a large, wide tooth comb. You want to preserve the look of the ‘wet’ mold, so you don’t want to vigorously comb through your mold. Barely rake through it so that the shape and shine remain intact.

Watch this video for an idea of how to achieve a sleek pixie style.

Easy New Year’s Eve Short Hairstyle 3 – Curly Pixie

This is a style that focuses on curling after the mold is complete. You could also achieve this look with a dry mold.

Either way you go, once you have your base ready, take a small flat iron or curling iron and take 1 inch sections of hair and curl them tight. Do this all over your head. You don’t have to be super precise or worry about making perfect coils. The point is to get the hair curled all over.

When you’ve finished adding your curls, take some Aveda Control Paste and manipulate the curls to lie in the direction you want. You could also take that same product and add it to your fingertips and fluff the curls out for a more ‘undone’ curly look.

The detailed steps for this style are also in The Short Hair Bedside Bible ebook. You can download it here. For a visual walk through, watch the video below.

These styles should get you where you need to be for the big night. Later this week, I will post a video covering these 3 easy New Year’s Eve short hairstyles. If you want to be notified when the video goes live, subscribe below with your email address.

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