Why I Learned To Maintain My Short Hair At Home.

Let’s be honest, if you have ever had your Saturday (your whole entire Saturday) held hostage by a late, overbooked and inconsiderate stylist who texts, talks, takes breaks and goes to pick her child up from home, ALL while you sit beneath the hood of a dryer that has long since shut itself off … THEN and only then, can you begin to understand the level of frustration that led me on a journey to figure out how to hijack my Saturdays and return them to their rightful place in MY planner and not my stylists’ undeserving hands.

To be fair, I must say that not all stylists are created equal. Because that is a fact, I didn’t feel the need to learn to do my own hair until I moved from my home town and came to know the stylists which would cause me so much irritation. I have had the pleasure of experiencing a professional stylist who actually was considerate of the amount of time clients were made to sit in the salon.  That stylist was ALWAYS on time and NEVER took a phone call while working.

Coming from that, I had high expectations.  So when I began to experience stylists who came in 45 minutes after my appointment time, talking on their cell phones and eating their breakfast from Chic Fil A, I was appalled.  Initially, I thought it was that one stylist in particular, so I found a new stylist. When the second, and third stylists behaved similarly, I was done. If you’ve seen any of the recent #blacksalonproblem memes, then you know.  That’s all I will say.  You know.

maintain short hair at home

My response to being done was to travel back and forth to my home town to get my hair done.  When that became so impractical that I had to stop, I decided to big chop and I went natural. It was an idea I had toyed around with before and I took the plunge.

For months prior to my big chop, I stalked YouTube. I would literally watch hours of tutorials about maintaining natural hair.  I had worn my hair very short before, so for me, the big chop was not so much about cutting my hair.  It was more about learning about my hair’s behavior sans chemicals.

Natural hair was an awesome experience for me. I absolutely loved it. I was natural for 4 ½ years and I had never felt more free.  No salons, no running away from water, no wrapping my hair, nothing but pure BLISS!

That bliss lasted about 2 years. There is something about that 2 year mark. Your hair makes a decision. It either stagnates or it grows like freakin’ Rapunzel. My hair, took the Rapunzel route. I felt trapped in the tower of endless washing, deep conditioning, detangling and diffusing.  Don’t get me wrong, I still loved my curls, and even now, I occasionally miss them. But, the drudgery of keeping my long, natural hair healthy, began to weigh on me.

I decided to straighten my hair. That gave me a bit of a break and I enjoyed my straightened hair.  It was a little past bra strap length and it was beautiful. If I do say so myself. However, I found myself once again, running from the rain, wrapping my hair at night, fretting about my edges curling up and so on and so forth.

One day, I took a good hard look at my hair story and I discovered that for me, the goal had always been ease. I don’t mind putting in some effort when I get the desired result, AND when that effort doesn’t have to be exerted on a daily basis in order for me not to look like a homeless heathen. From that thought, I mapped out the rest of my ‘hair must haves’.

I liked the look of short hair on myself.  I look best with short hair or very long and full hair.  Long and full was out due to the constraints mentioned above.  I also knew that maintaining my hair was easiest when it was straight.  Sorry curls, no shade intended but y’all are high maintenance and I ain’t got time for that.  Last on the list was the most important variable of them all, my damn TIME! I refused to be a slave to the salon and the janky stylists I had encountered.

The list above left me with 2 options, search the globe for a professional stylist who could give me the looks I loved at a price that didn’t break the bank OR learn to handle my own business, at the house!  I took door number 2 and that is how we got here, to this blog, to these short hair YouTube tutorials and to this glorious space I’ve created which is all about short hair.

I learned how to relax my short hair at home (watch the video here), cut my own pixie cut at home (watch the video here), color my hair at home, (watch the video here), and style the hell outta my hair at home (watch those videos here) and overall maintain short hair at home! Ha! That’ll teach ’em.  It took lots of time and patience, many a jacked up haircuts (I wrote about that here), and some styles that were so bad, they left me looking straight crazy.  But many dedicated weekends and crying breakdowns later, I got this! And the best part of this story is that it isn’t over. You want to know why? Because I have learned so much that I can now help you too, be freed from the shackles and chains of rude, over priced and time snatching stylists. I will show you the way of the DIY short hair slayer.

That is my story and I’m sticking to it.  So tell me, what experiences have you had that make you want to learn to handle your hair at home?