keep your short hair laid all nightQuick Styling Tips to Keep Your Short Hair Laid All Night. New Year’s Eve is upon us and we will be out. Whether out for you means Watch Night Service or getting shit faced with friends, you will need to keep your short hair laid all night. I mean, you might be shouting down the church aisles or taking drunken pics. Either way, it will be a night to remember and there will likely be photos.

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To help keep you out, here are 3 quick styling tips to keep your short hair laid all night.

Tip 1 – Use Gorilla Snot or some other form of adhesive edge control for your edges, side burns and the nape area of your hair in the back. Here’s a video I did showing you three different ways to get your edges together. But, trust me here, go with the super strong hold that Gorilla Snot and products like it offer. You will need Terminator level hold to get through the night unscathed.

Tip 2 – Don’t go too fancy. I know the night calls for celebratory type hair, but you want it to last, so temper the need to look fantabulous, with the reality of what kinds of shenanigans the night is likely to bring. If you’re walking around with a bouffant-esque do, you ain’t gonna make it to the stroke of midnight. Here are a few styles that look great, but aren’t too fancy.

Tip 3 – Create your style of choice on fresh, clean and conditioned hair. Some styles do well on day old hair, but that’s not the type of style you should be going for here. You want to freshly wash and condition your short hair and then create your style. It will last longer and your hair won’t be so beat up the following day, since it will only have one night’s worth of foolishness to combat, as opposed to all week and then New Year’s Eve on top.

BONUS TIP – Start early. Go ahead and wash and style your hair as early as you can. You don’t want your hair to be the one thing you’re rushing through. You can put on a dress quick fast and you can do a fleekly brow all in less time than it takes to get that short cut together. Take the early moments of the day and evening and dedicate them to hair.

I hope these tips help in some way. Be safe and enjoy the celebration. Happy New Year! Let’s make 2017 great. You can start by subscribing below with your email address. It’s FREE and you’ll be notified of discounts, new content and you’ll have access to exclusive videos

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Until next time…I’ll holla!