use texture to improve your short hairstylesHow to use texture to improve your short hairstyles. Short relaxed hair is meant to be straight, right? Yeah. Any curl that ends up in your hair comes from a flat iron or curling iron. We annihilate natural coils and curls.

So why the heck are we talking about texture in short relaxed hair? Because…slayage! Short hair is super versatile. It can do many things and it can be styled and worn in a million different ways. The thing is though, some styles simply are not available to the relaxed girl because we have taken some of our hair’s #blackgirlmagic away with the chemical process.

No need to fret though. Don’t trip, cause I got you. Here’s the thing. You can play with the natural texture of your hair around the time you need a touch up. Instead of rushing to relax your new growth, you can use that extra texture to make your short hair even more versatile.

Aside from playing around with touch up time, you can also add some ‘fake’ texture to your hair to broaden your styling choices. I’m going to talk about how to do it both ways below!


I’m gonna tell you about the different types of texture and then I’ll explain how to use each. Mmmmkay?

Naturally Occurring Texture

This is what you’ll see when it’s time to touch up your relaxer. These curls and coils sit at the root of your hair. What natural texture allows you to do, is to create height and BIG hair. This is awesome for styles that require your hair to stand up in certain areas.

My hair is fine, so styles that I want to create which require height, can only be achieved when I need a fresh perm. Styles like the spiked pixie and elegant slick backs with height look amazing when your roots is nappy. LOL!

Check out how I create my spiked pixie in this video below.

The reason these styles work, is because even though you can straighten the hair at the root with heat, the hair itself hasn’t been compromised and broken down by chemicals. That means it’s able to retain its shape and not fall flat. Relaxed hair falls easier than natural hair because the chemical process breaks down the structure of the hair and causes some level of limpness.

What you want to do with naturally occurring texture is to mold it just as you would if it were freshly relaxed, then use your flat iron to direct the hair. With your fingers, go back in and pull the hair into the direction you want and watch it defy gravity.

You can also use this time to curl the ends of your hair so that they blend into the natural curls going on at your scalp. You can mimic natural styles beautifully when you do this. The one thing to look out for when you do this, is dryness. Make sure you add shine to the style. You can see in the video below how I created this TWA curly fro on my relaxed hair that needed to be touched up.

Created/Fake Texture

I bet you’ve seen this more times that you can count. You already know about this technique, you probably just haven’t thought about adding it into your styling routine. But, that’s why I’m here. To remind you of how amazing your short hair can be.

Teasing or back combing hair. You just take the comb and rake the teeth in the opposite direction of how the hair has been combed. You know the drill. If you take a section of hair and comb it straight up, while holding the tip of the hair, take your comb and rake the hair back down toward your scalp.

How little or how much you back comb depends on what look you’re going for or what you’re comfortable with. This will tear up your hair so be careful! Don’t go crazy with this. You can use this to give the same type of looks you can create with naturally occurring texture.

You can back comb with a rat tail comb or a brush – just use caution and add oil and conditioner when you get ready to comb it out and wash it.

Another way to create fake texture is by braiding your relaxed hair. Yes, even short hair can be braided for the added effect of texture. Haven’t you seen the video of the chick who braided eyebrows just to prove this point?

The internet is the devil. But anyway, you can braid small braids anywhere you like on your head. If you want, you can add a little braiding hair to your braids. This will create more friction and ultimately will result in more crinkles/texture in your hair when you take the braids down.

This is super cute if you have a longer bang or just a pixie cut that is fuller in the top. Think Laura Govan’s hair style. You can create something very similar to that or that exact style. You can also use this technique when you add a few tracks to your hair for some added length and fullness. Instead of wearing the tracks straight or curled, braid them and create texture. I created a similar style in the video below.

Basically, use texture to your advantage. Don’t be afraid of it. If you need a relaxer touch up, that doesn’t mean that you have to be ugly until the date rolls around for you to safely touch up your relaxer. Play with your hair and its texture and you will discover new styles you didn’t know were available.

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