If you read my post from yesterday, you know we talked about Why You Need A Monthly Short Hair Routine.
That was to break the ice on this topic that I think sometimes gets a bad rap. Hair routines do work and when used properly, they can be the difference between a long-term relationship with a head of healthy hair and a one night stand with a cute af hairstyle.

If you read that post and wondered, How Sway! – I understand and I am here to provide the answers you are looking for. Short hair care at home is a process and we will tackle it one step at a time here on this website. My goal is to arm you with the tools you need to master this here DIY short hair life.

Knowing why you need a routine was Step 1. Consider this post and the following information, as Step 2.
How you go about creating the short hair monthly routine that works for you, will depend largely on how much attention you pay to the way your hair responds to tweaks. What’s important to remember here is that you must implement changes slowly and one at a time. This will allow you to accurately document good and bad changes. The good you keep. The bad, you toss.

How to Create A Monthly Short Hair Routine That Works

how to create a monthly short hair routineSTEP 1

First off, you will need to assess where you are right now. A starting point is needed. If you don’t jot down your starting point, how will you have anything to compare your future results to?
Take a look at your hair, and take notes. Yes, notes. You will need to take this seriously, so grab a pen and pad or the notes app on your phone and a calendar. Stop being lazy and let’s get it!
The best time to do this is when you don’t have anywhere to go and you have a free day on your hands. Wash and condition your hair and let it air dry. Once you’ve done that, make note of the following things:
How dry your hair is without product
How course or rough your strands feel
How your hair looks (is it limp, breaking, thinning, matted)
Date of the last relaxer applied to your hair
Date of last color application
Date of last deep conditioner application


Next you want to map out what your current routine consists of. Even if you haven’t officially developed a routine, that neglect is in fact, a routine. It is what you regularly do to your hair and whether you like it or not, unfortunately, it’s what has caused the current state of your hair.
Write down the following (use weekly increments):
How often you wash your hair
How often you condition your hair
How often you deep condition your hair
How often you heat style your hair
How often you wrap your hair for bed


Now we have come to the more fun part of this whole thing. Here is where you want to write down any goals you have for your hair. You will probably need to refer to the first section where you notated how your hair looked and felt in its current state.

Try to narrow this section down to your top 3 hair goals. In later months, you can use this same outline to come up with your next set of goals. Remember when I said this short hair at home thing is a process? This is what I meant when I said that. There are stages to it all. So don’t feel overwhelmed or that you aren’t getting to everything. You will be able to tackle and master each and every step. Promise! Write out your 3 goals and number them.

Goal 1
Goal 2
Goal 3

Now go back up to STEP 2. Depending on what you want to address first, choose one of the items on the list. That will be the one thing you will focus on. To help illustrate what you need to do, I will give an example below.

If Goal 1 on your list is to get your hair to a place where it feels moisturized (not dry) when it air dries, then you will focus on How Often You Deep Condition. If you currently deep condition once a month, for the next month, deep condition twice a month. But keep everything else the exact same. This way, you will be able to identify exactly what works. If you change too many things at once and you get positive results, you won’t know which thing worked or if the positive result was a combination of all of the changes combined. Make sense?

Mark down on your calendar which dates you will apply deep conditioner in the 30 days to come. Stick to those dates and once a month has elapsed, go back to Step 1 and reassess your hair. Does it feel and look more moisturized? If it does, then you know that you need to deep condition more frequently.

If, however, your hair is still dryer than you like, then you will repeat the steps you applied to your deep conditioning routine to each other item listed under Step 2.

I want to say this, don’t be discouraged. I know that this seems exhausting to do, but I promise it will be worth it ALL in the end. Try to think of it this way, this process is no different than what a licensed stylist would go through to figure out how to get you the best results with your hair. If you want to see what it looks like once you have a monthly short hair routine that works, watch this video where I share mine. It took me about 3-6 months to nail this down, and it still changes sometimes, but it works for me.


Stay strong and you can always email me if you get stuck or have questions, or if you just need a quick pep talk to keep you going.

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