care for your scalp with short hairHow To Care For Your Scalp With Short Hair. A banging hair style that stops folks in their tracks is all good. Slaying on a daily is cool, as well. But, how is the overall health of your hair?  We all know the perils of sacrificing health for the sake of vanity. When it comes to your short hair, you wanna make sure all is well from the rooter to the tooter.

Don’t be that chick who looks like a mango seed when your hair is wet or when it air dries. We talk noise about pro stylists who fail to focus on healthy hair, while we praise the ones that have ‘growing hands’.

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Hair health, like most things, starts from the inside out. That means your scalp. The health of the part of your head where your hair gets its nutrients, and its start, matters. You can’t truly have a healthy head of hair if you neglect your scalp. So let’s get to it.


Healthy hair matters. We got that. The scalp is the root of it all. We got that (terrible pun). But do you know what to do and what not to do to ensure that your scalp is in the best condition it can be in?

Here are some points to consider:


Super hot water is drying. A dry scalp is not at its best. Your scalp needs nutrients and moisture to create an ideal growing space for the strands of your hair.

Dry scalp also leads to flakes. Nobody wants flakes in their hair. With short hair, the issue is even more pressing because people can see the flakes since there is less hair to hide them.

Use lukewarm water to wash your hair and end things with a cold final rinse to close the cuticles and lock in moisture.


Contrary to what you may have heard, when a relaxer burns, it means that you are actually processing the skin on your scalp. That is not how it’s done! You want to process the hairs on your head, not your head.

The relaxing process is drying by itself, but when that chemical sits too long on your scalp, it can be a even worse. Your scalp is skin. You wouldn’t put a chemical on your arm and let it sit there until it burned would you? Ok, then. When you process your scalp, you dry it out and that leads to what we just talked about above: unwanted flaking and a dry scalp.


Different things can cause the follicles on your scalp to become clogged. Over production of sebum, or not removing excess sebum, product buildup, certain medications, and other imbalances in your body that mean being naturally occurring or that you may cause yourself.

Either way, focus on keeping the follicles clear and clean. This will allow your scalp to perform the way it was meant to perform. By keeping your follicles clear, you will also avoid problems that result from clogged follicles like bacterial and fungal outbreaks.


I know we’ve all seen the cute videos of babies who are melting into their mothers’ hands while she gently caresses their scalp with water and soap.

Try to keep this in mind when you’re washing your own hair. Digging into your scalp with your fingernails or being too rough with combs and brushes can actually lead to lacerations on your scalp. Yes, you are actually cutting the superficial layer of skin that makes up your scalp.

Avoid this by simply being gentle. You want to agitate the scalp if you’re cleansing your hair, but you are not on an excavation site. Take it easy. When combing and brushing your hair, remember that it’s your HAIR you’re combing and brushing, not your scalp. Those instruments don’t need to be drug across your scalp for you to achieve the desired look.

I hope you’re able to put these tips to use and that you’re able to better care for your scalp with short hair. Remember, it’s the overall health of your hair that matters out here in these short hair streets. Represent ladies!

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