head wear for short hairHead wear for short hair and style tips for the short haired girl.  It’s winter and that means cold weather and not everybody has the pleasure of living in a warm climate. If you live in a frosty state, you probably have wanted to cover your head up to keep warm. Covering your head for practical reasons and covering your head so that you still look cute while keeping warm, are two different things.

It is possible to do both. You can cover and keep it cute. It all boils down to the head wear you choose. Depending on your hair length and the style you choose, you can pick out a hat, beanie or scarf that’ll get the job done. So, let’s see what we’ve got.



Ok, this will largely be a decision based on your personal style and what you have going on the day you wear your head wear.


If you’re going to be at the park, then at the movie theater and then to get food, you could rock a beanie and it would be fine.  A beanie can be style super cute and you can take it off and put it back on without too much fuss or without disturbing your hairstyle too much.

If you’re going to be somewhere where you can ‘perch,’ then a floppy hat or any hat with a brim will fit the bill. You can go with a fedora or an all out Lady Sings The Blues joint. It’s up to you. Just make sure you look over the itinerary first. You want to know for sure that you will not be required to remove your hat and try to pull of ‘cute.’ Those hats leave dents and they’re not very forgiving when it comes to preservation of your short hairstyle.

Now, if being extra outweighs the practical need for you to keep warm, go for a scarf. Their easy to put on, take off and extremely easy to style. The right color, the right wrap and BIM BAM BOOM, you’re in business.

This is the most versatile of the choices and it works in almost any atmosphere.  You can easily remove it and not worry about your hair looking crazy underneath there. Reapplying it is a breeze and does not require more mirror than a car’s sun visor provides. You’re in business, your extraness is on 10 and your head is warm. Mission accomplished.

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You do want to make sure you maintain the moisture in your hair when you know you’ll be donning a head piece. Add a little more coconut oil to your palms the morning of and work it into your strands. Hats tend to rub up against your hair which creates friction. You don’t want friction between a hat and hair that isn’t sufficiently moisturized.

It takes a few moments and it’s well worth it to take this small preventative measure.

You also want to make sure that your hair is combed out and free of knots before you put your head wear on. Any tangles will be amplified and it’s not cute to take your beanie off and reveal a bird’s nest while you’re trying to give ‘cute.’

Comb or gently brush over your head one final time just before you put your hat on. And put the hat on while standing in front of a mirror so that you will see if you inadvertently create any creases or knots and tangles.

I hope this helps you rock your head wear for short hair and I hope that it gets you through the cold winter months. Here’s to making it through Winter and coming out on the other side with a healthy head of hair that’s ready for Spring.

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