cut costs when you do your short hair at home 3 easy ways to cut costs when you do your short hair at home.  One of the main reasons most people opt for DIY short hair care is to cut costs. Aside from some of the unprofessional foolishness that goes into going to a salon for hair care, being able to keep yo money is a bonus.

Say what you want, but I bet if the women who sacrifice their Saturdays by being tortured to hurry up and wait in salons, knew they could get salon quality results at the house AND keep their money! Maaaaannnnnn! How many of them do you think would run up outta there and watch these here videos I got for you; and download these here instructional eBooks I got for you; and read these here blog posts I got for you? I’ll tell you my estimate… A WHOLE HELLUVA LOT! That’s how many.

Doing your hair at home doesn’t mean you won’t get salon quality results. That’s a myth that I’m here to bust. You can save money, save time AND have amazing short hair ladies. I promise, you can.

Let’s get into some of these quick and easy cost saving tips that you can begin to implement right now.


1. Reuse wrap strips

This one came to me by accident. For the longest time I had been ripping my wrap strips off my head after my hair was dry. One day I tried to take the strip off and it unraveled where I had tied it. When I noticed that the entire wrap strip was still intact, I knew I was on to something.

That night I reused the wrap strip to tie my hair down before bed and I be damned! I worked perfectly fine. You can stretch that box of wrap strips and get a little more mileage out of your dollar by simply reusing them.

I prefer the black Wrap It Jr. strips because I think they’re a bit more durable and tough. Try it with your wrap strip of choice.

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2. Mix high and low end products

This is an easy one. I talk about the high end products that I love, but I also talk about cheaper alternatives that deliver really solid results. The gag is, if you learn how to effectively mix the two, you end up doubling the life of each product and over the course of a year, this saves you money.

It’s not difficult to do and it doesn’t require any additional effort on your part. Once you’ve made the purchase, you’re in business.

How do you do it? Like this: take ½ the amount of the high end shampoo you normally use when you wash your hair. Go ahead and wash your hair and rinse it. This initial wash will lift the loose dirt from you scalp and hair strands. Now, with your low end shampoo, take ½ the amount you normally use and wash your hair a 2nd time.

You will find that the second wash creates more of a lather and you actually could probably get away with even less than half the normal amount. The 2nd wash is just really a once over to grab any leftover dirt from the first go round.

Now take a good quality conditioner and condition your hair and BAM! You’re good to go. There are more ways to mix and match like this. Watch the video below to see them.

3. Reuse gloves, neutralizing shampoos and deep conditioners that come in box perms

You know the little bottle of neutralizing shampoo that comes with a box perm? You can take that and use it for at least a good 3 relaxer sessions. Think about it, our hair is short. You don’t need that entire bottle. I wash my hair 2 – 3 times with neutralizing shampoo after I relax it and I’m STILL able to make that little hotel sized bottle last for more than one application.

The same goes for the ORS conditioning packets and similar products. I use ORS relaxer for my partial relaxers and those come with a packet inside the box. That packet can be purchased alone for around $1.00 to $2.00 and I get 2 -3 uses out of one packet.

When I partially relax my hair, I buy the touch up mini sized box. Even though there is less relaxer packaged in the touch up box, that box still comes with a regular sized packet of the conditioning treatment, neutralizing shampoo and leave in conditioner packet.

The touch up box relaxer runs about $4.00 at my local beauty supply store. Over time I end up with neutralizing shampoo and deep conditioning treatments that last me for a good while. When I fully relax my hair, I use Mizani Butter Blend, because it’s BAE! But, the individual application tubs don’t come with neutralizing shampoo. So, what do I do? Whip out the neutralizing shampoos I save from the ORS partial relaxer applications.

When you look at the costs this way, it’s easy to see how you’re saving money.


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