Things You Didn’t Know About 3 Common Short Hair Products | January 4, 2017

Things you didn’t know about 3 common short hair products.  How many times do you walk into your favorite beauty supply store, stroll down the familiar aisles, pick up what you need, pay and leave? Probably more than you could remember. We’ve all done it. The sad part of that scenario is that a lot of the products you so regularly purchase, are probably not what you think they are. Much of what we end [...]

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3 Easy Ways To Cut Costs When You Do Your Short Hair At Home | January 4, 2017

3 easy ways to cut costs when you do your short hair at home.  One of the main reasons most people opt for DIY short hair care is to cut costs. Aside from some of the unprofessional foolishness that goes into going to a salon for hair care, being able to keep yo money is a bonus. Say what you want, but I bet if the women who sacrifice their Saturdays by being tortured to [...]

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How To Use Texture To Improve Your Short Hairstyles | January 3, 2017

How to use texture to improve your short hairstyles. Short relaxed hair is meant to be straight, right? Yeah. Any curl that ends up in your hair comes from a flat iron or curling iron. We annihilate natural coils and curls. So why the heck are we talking about texture in short relaxed hair? Because…slayage! Short hair is super versatile. It can do many things and it can be styled and worn in a million different [...]

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3 Quick Tips To Make Wash Day A Breeze | January 3, 2017

3 Quick Tips To Make Wash Day A Breeze. If you don’t know, I was once natural. Yep, me. Your #pixiegodmother, was a curl loving, borderline natural hair nazi. For over 4 years I wore and loved my curls. But there came a time when it was literally too much. The washing and detangling process became a hassle. Every weekend I had to carve out hours of my time to allot to just hair care. RELATED: [...]

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How To Care For Your Scalp With Short Hair | January 2, 2017

How To Care For Your Scalp With Short Hair. A banging hair style that stops folks in their tracks is all good. Slaying on a daily is cool, as well. But, how is the overall health of your hair?  We all know the perils of sacrificing health for the sake of vanity. When it comes to your short hair, you wanna make sure all is well from the rooter to the tooter. Don’t be that chick who [...]

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Why You Need A Stylist Even If You Do Your Own Short Hair | January 2, 2017

Why you need a stylist even if you do your own short hair. I preach DIY. Hell, my whole gig is DIY short relaxed hair care. And believe me, I’m dedicated to the DIY world of short hair. I live by it and I teach it. I think it is an alternative to hair care that is so overlooked, but at the same time, so necessary for lots of women. RELATED: Why I Learned To Maintain [...]

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Quick Styling Tips to Keep Your Short Hair Laid All Night | December 30, 2016

Quick Styling Tips to Keep Your Short Hair Laid All Night. New Year’s Eve is upon us and we will be out. Whether out for you means Watch Night Service or getting shit faced with friends, you will need to keep your short hair laid all night. I mean, you might be shouting down the church aisles or taking drunken pics. Either way, it will be a night to remember and there will likely be photos. [...]

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What do you want for your short hair in 2017? | December 30, 2016

What do you want for your short hair in 2017? This is not going to be an ode to New Year’s Resolutions. Why? Because they suck and what it takes to commit to something and see it through, has nothing to do with what month it is. Ok, rant over. Now, back to what we’re all here for. Short hair talk. Not setting what is known as a traditional New Year’s Resolution doesn’t mean that you [...]

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Should You Base Your Scalp Before A Relaxer? | December 29, 2016

Should you base your scalp before a relaxer? We know how dangerous relaxers can be. A relaxer is a chemical. Any chemical that you introduce to your body, scalp or skin has the potential to be dangerous. In order to safely use a chemical treatment, you have to educate yourself. It’s not rocket science, but it isn’t something you just know without learning, either. To avoid things like scalp irritations and burns, you can use a [...]

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Understanding Density, Thickness and Porosity | December 28, 2016

Understanding density, thickness and porosity. When I was natural, I learned more hair terms and acronyms than I will ever have use for. Among them, were a few that stuck with me when I crossed over and headed back to the creamy crack hills. Please don’t let the natural hair Nazis come for me. I’m not in the mood. RELATED: Why I Am NOT Natural Any who, some of the more commonly used and most misunderstood [...]

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