quick tips to make wash day a breeze3 Quick Tips To Make Wash Day A Breeze. If you don’t know, I was once natural. Yep, me. Your #pixiegodmother, was a curl loving, borderline natural hair nazi. For over 4 years I wore and loved my curls. But there came a time when it was literally too much. The washing and detangling process became a hassle. Every weekend I had to carve out hours of my time to allot to just hair care.


My hair had grown and its length was weighing on more than just my neck. That’s when I went back to my short, relaxed pixie. I had worn my hair short for many years of my life. Short hair had been my thing. I cut my hair once in an act of defiance and self-expression, and since then, I had stuck with it.

It wasn’t until I had a stylist over process my hair, that I decided to go natural. I dreamt of the easy breezy hair weekends that would not require more than an hour or two of my time.

I chopped it and permed it and BAM! I was back in business. And for the first couple months it was all good. Until I started to see my hair’s health decline. I knew I had to stop being lazy and take care of my hair, even though it was short and banging!

I did not want to go back to hating wash day, so I came up with some steps to make things as seamless as possible. My quick tips are listed below and I hope you find that they come in handy. Check out my wash day routine video below.

3 Quick Tips To Make Wash Day A Breeze

1. Pre Poo with coconut oil

This is left over from my natural days, but it works. The night before I know I’m gonna wash my hair, I will slather virgin coconut oil all up and through my hair. I do this before I shower or get ready for bed. For one, you want to give the oil time to absorb. Otherwise, it will simply be soaked up in your scarf or your pillow case.

Another reason I time it the way I do, is so that when I shower I can take advantage of the hot steam. Place a shower cap over your oil soaked strands and then shower. The added heat will open your strands’ cuticles and allow that coconut oil to really get in there. It’s similar to when you sit under the dryer with a plastic cap on and deep conditioner in your hair. Same thang. Same thang.

2. Add cheap conditioner

Ok, this sounds off as hell, but trust me here. Get you some cheap conditioner. You can go to the dollar store or you can browse the aisles at Tarjay and find a cheap one. Either way, buy it! Then, before you add any shampoo or anything to your hair, wet it and add the conditioner. Use your fingers to work it through just like you would if it were shampoo. Next, rinse it out and go ahead with your shampooing process. After you shampoo your hair, use a moisturizing conditioner like you would normally.

That’s it. Let me tell you, that cheap conditioner and coconut oil will have you looking like you got your hair done in the Garden of Eden. It works. Just try it.

3. Rinse with cold water

We are all pretty familiar with how the hair strands are made up. Here’s a quick overview: there are inner layers that are super delicate. Those layers are protected by a mid-layer which is more durable, but still a little delicate. The outer layer is the last phase of protection and that layer is comprised of multiple little ‘scales’ that fit together like the shingles on a roof. Those shingles expand and contract in their efforts to keep harmful things away from the inner 2 layers. Ok, got it? Good.

Now, when you add heat to your hair, be it a blow dryer, hooded dryer or steam from you shower, that outer layer is going to expand and flare out to protect the other layers. Heat triggers this. So, guess what cold water does…yep, it causes those ‘scales’ to close or lie down flat. This means a smoother surface.

After you’ve washed and conditioned your hair, you want to do one final rinse of cold water. This will seal in the moisturizing properties of your conditioner and it will leave your hair smooth and silky. Smooth hair reflects more light, which means your hair will also appear shinier when you do this.

And don’t be a wuss, use cold water, not just lukewarm water. The colder the water, the more intense the effects.

That’s it ladies! Those are my 3 quick tips to make wash day a breeze. I hope you take them and use them.

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